Wifi Connection Guide

Ev Charge points

Connecting to the internet.

When you Power on your Sync Ev Charge unit the status Light will go Yellow. This indicates that the Health of the Charge point is good but its not connected to the Sync EV Network.

In Order to connect to the Network Please Connect Your laptop to the SYNCEV Wifi network Password SEV-1234

Then in a web browser enter the following address

You will be presented with this page. And the unit will beep this indicates you are connected.

Network setup

Select the Network Configuration Tab From the Left Hand menu and this screen will load.

Now Select Ethernet/Wifi/GPRS from the Main Network Interface menu and select apply.

You will be prompted to restart the unit Click Restart Now. The Unit will beep.

If you selected Ethernet and your unit is connected to a Cat5/6 Network or have a sim card installed/setup and connected The halo ring will turn Blue.

Blue indicates the units connected to Sync EVs Network. 

For Wifi connections please follow the next Step Below.


Setting up Wifi Details

Once the unit restarts refresh this page and scroll down to Wireless Interface.

SSID is the name of the Wifi network you are trying to connect the Sync Unit to. This will be case sensitive and must be type exactly as its displayed on your mobile phone. also use your mobile phone/laptop/tablet to make sure the Wifi signal is strong in the position the unit has been fitted.

Password is the Wifi networks password again please type this in exactly as displayed.

Click submit.

You will be asked to reboot the unit select reboot now.

Once the unit restarts within 15 seconds the yellow LED Halo should go Blue. 

Your connected to the Sync EV Network.



Now you need to ask your customer to download the SYNC EV App from the app store. Google play or Apple Store. And setup an account.

The units Pin code is on the card in the Packaging.

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