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Select your new charger type

Home Charger

7.4KW Charger
Socketed and Tethered - 7.5m
1 x 40A MCB
Up to 2 hours fitting time
Hand over and App training

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Workplace Charger

20 Meters of cable
1 x 40A MCB
Up to 6 hours fitting time
Hand over and software training

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BG SYNCEV home charge points offer one of the most discreet compact feature rich smart charger available in the UK.

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Instant control via your App

Start, stop and schedule your charging with our App. Set your charger to Plug & Pay, simply plug in and start charging your car. Alternatively, schedule your charge start and stop times to take advantage of lower tariffs or solar electricity if you have solar panels.

Free download on our app with every purchase

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Support Accessing Grants

We can help you access the government funded OLEV grant. Having many years experience of fitting workplace and home car charging point technology we are the experts when it comes to not just installing home charging stations but also in ensuring you can access all government funded grants.

Government funded grants can provide 75% towards the cost of your electric vehicle home charging point up to a maximum of £350 – leaving just a small contribution from you.

Our expert Partners will provide you with full support when filling out the forms and expert guidance about what you can claim for.

Choosing the right type of car charger


Discreet and compact, we let the tech do the talking, not the size. Fitted inside your garage or outside, the charger is fully weather proof and will suit any property… If you want a charger that will blend into your property then the BG SyncEV charger is for you.


Charging speed is measured in KW, in general the higher the KW the faster the car will charge. We recommend opting for the 7.4KW charger to allow for faster charging time. Even if your current car may be limited to 3.6KW, you next car may not be. Using a faster charger will not damage a restricted car…


Our chargers are competitively priced. We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective charging solution for your home or work.


Our chargers are compatible with all vehicles. They are untethered which means you can plug in any cable which is suitable to your vehicle. A tethered charger, which has the cable permanently attached to the charger may be suitable for your current vehicle, but may not fit any future cars you may own.

Compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles Manufacturers